Micron Technology, Inc. Announces Shipping of Micron 3500 NVMe SSD

Micron Technology, Inc. has announced the release of the Micron 3500 NVMe SSD, powered by its 232-layer NAND technology. This SSD is designed to handle demanding workloads for business applications, scientific computing, gaming, and content creation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Available in the M.2 form factor with capacities up to 2 TB, the Micron 3500 SSD offers a superior user experience compared to its competitors, as demonstrated by its best-in-class SPECwpcsm performance, including a 71% improvement for product development applications.

"At Micron, we are committed to delivering exceptional products that meet the rigorous needs of end-users," said Prasad Alluri, Micron's vice president and general manager of Client Storage. "With impressive specifications such as a remarkable 132% improvement in scientific computing benchmark scores, the 3500 SSD will transform your next PC or workstation into a powerful tool for gaining insights and unleashing creativity."

Storage has become increasingly critical for gaming, content creation, and emerging client AI experiences. Games are becoming more graphics-intensive and larger in size, resulting in longer load times. Client AI applications require fast data access to enhance the user experience. The Micron 3500 SSD directly addresses these challenges:

  • Gamers can enhance their gaming experience as the Micron 3500 SSD loads the biggest and newest games, such as Valorant, up to 38% faster.
  • The Micron 3500 SSD supports DirectStorage, a feature that further accelerates load times in supported games.
  • Content creators working with native 4K and 8K video can load and edit files faster with the Micron 3500 SSD.

According to the PCMark 10 benchmark suite, the Micron 3500 SSD offers:

  • Up to 36% higher bandwidth
  • Up to 38% faster access
  • Up to 37% better overall results compared to competitive SSDs

"As immersive technologies evolve, fast storage plays a crucial role in open-world games and cutting-edge notebooks like our Gaming Series," said Clark Peng, vice president of the Notebook Product Division at MSI. "The Micron 3500 SSD enables this performance edge with leading NAND support to maintain that advantage in upcoming game releases."

"The Micron 3500 SSD is a high-performance drive that supports cutting-edge software, enabling direct data transfer to the GPU. This improves the user experience and will significantly enhance early-generation, AI-ready PCs," said Pablo Temprano, founder at ClearView Memory Research. "As client AI evolves, we anticipate a substantial increase in units and average storage capacity for high-end PCs."

The Micron 3500 SSD is now available for select PC OEMs and complements Micron's broader SSD product portfolio for creators, which includes the award-winning Crucial X9 Pro and Crucial X10 Pro portable SSDs.