MSI Offers The Last of Us Part I on PC with Selected Gaming Monitor Purchases

MSI, a top global brand for PC gaming hardware, has announced an exciting new offer that bundles The Last of Us Part I on PC with selected new MSI gaming monitor purchases. The offer is available for MSI's new QD-OLED gaming monitors, which feature pixel-dimming level control to produce pure black scenes without any backlight. This enables gamers to clearly see every detail even in the dark, resulting in a fantastic gaming experience. The QD-OLED panel's new Quantum Dot technology is responsible for this innovative feature.


MSI's QD-OLED panel is an innovative technology that combines a blue self-emitting layer with a pioneering Quantum Dot layer. This results in great color conversion and a deeper black level of display. Gamers can see the game clearly even in the dark, thanks to this technology.

The QD-OLED panel also boasts high resolution with the fastest response time. It displays 3440x1440, which means more details are visible due to the UWQHD resolution. The monitor also has a 175 Hz high refresh rate and the fastest 0.1 ms response time.