Earlier this year at CES 2023, DeepCool unveiled its Assassin IV Dual Tower CPU cooler, which was described as a "big dark cube inside your case, with a shroud covering all its sheet-metal." The flagship high-performance CPU cooler is set to launch soon, with press material and product images released for the Chinese market. The all-black monolithic aesthetic has received positive feedback from hardware enthusiasts, with some predicting that DeepCool will win computer hardware product design awards.

According to DeepCool's press material, the Assassin IV CPU cooler provides super silent operation while handling up to 280 W of heat, making it capable of taming Intel's latest high-end Core i9 CPUs with ease. The heatsink consists of 7 heat pipes with a dual fan attachment that includes 120 and 140 mm FDB fans, which operate silently at high RPMs. The fans have a rating of 500-1700 RPM, with an airflow delivery of 79.1/58.06 CFM in performance mode and 63.76/46.75 CFM airflow in quiet mode. DeepCool's specifications indicate that these cooling fans produce less than or equal to 29.3 dB(A) noise at peak performance and less than or equal to 22.6 dB(A) noise in quiet mode. The entire cooling solution consumes 2.88 W in performance mode.

The overall unit dimensions are 144 x 147 x 164 mm, with the heatsink measuring 140x110x160mm on its own, and a total weight of 1.575 KG. The 140 mm and 120 mm fans can be re-positioned on the heatsink, allowing for extra clearance above RAM DIMMs and other tall attachments positioned on a motherboard. Both CPU fans are powered by a single 4-pin PWM connector. DeepCool's specification sheet states that the compatible processor socket types are Intel - LGA1700/1200/115x & LGA20xx and AMD - AM4 & AM5. Availability and pricing for western markets are yet to be determined.