Nextorage Japan is gearing up to launch its NE5N range of PCIe Gen 5 NVMe SSDs in early June. The company's website recently featured a product page for the range, which includes 2 TB and 1 TB models. These SSDs are based on Phison's E26 PCIe Gen 5 controller and boast read and write speeds of up to 10 GB/s. While Nextorage initially focused on providing PCIe Gen 4 SSD products for PlayStation 5 consoles, the NE5N range indicates a shift towards targeting the enthusiast PC market. However, the initial batch of NE5N SSDs is unlikely to be compatible with PS5 consoles due to their sizable dual formation heatsink. The Japanese company has filed a patent for this bulky two-level structure and heatpipe combination design, which is necessary to provide adequate cooling for Gen 5 SSDs. Future versions of the NE5N range are being refined for compact PCs and laptops, which will require different thermal tempering solutions. The NE5N 2 TB and 1 TB models are available for pre-order on Newegg for $499.99 and $249.99, respectively. The SSDs feature an interface of PCIe 5.0 × 4, NVMe 2.0, and an ultra-fast PCIe Gen 5.0x4 that can achieve a maximum read and write speed of 10,000 MB/s. They also come with optimized cooling structures, SLC caching, advanced wear leveling, bad block management, thermal throttling, TRIM, S.M.A.R.T, over-provision, ECC, and end-to-end data path protection. The warranty period is five years from the purchase date or before writing the maximum TBW (Total Bytes Written).