AMD has announced plans to replace AGESA with openSIL during the OCP Regional Summit. The change will be a slow process starting in 2026. AGESA firmware updates are important but vulnerable to cyber-attacks, which is why AMD is proposing openSIL as an open-source solution.

AMD first mentioned the Open-Source Silicon Initialization Library (openSIL) in mid-April when it launched initial support for 4th Gen EPYC processors and its reference platform. Although initially aimed at server processors, AMD has made it clear that openSIL is meant to replace AMD Generic Encapsulated Software Architecture (AGESA) across the entire product stack. AMD plans for openSIL to be simple, easily scalable, lightweight, and open-source, thus increasing overall security.

Raj Kapoor, AMD Fellow and Chief Firmware Architect, shared more details about the challenges that AGESA brings and said that "AMD openSIL will be scaling to both server and client platforms by the 2026 timeframe." During Q&A, he added that "AGESA will be end of life, openSIL will replace it."

OpenSIL won't be ready before AMD launches Zen 6 or even Zen 7 CPUs, at least on the client side, while the proof of concept code for the AMD 4th Gen EPYC Genoa server CPUs will be ready soon.