Introducing the Drop + The Lord of the Rings Mordor Artisan Keycap

Typing into Mordor requires the right artisan keycap, and we've got you covered with our new officially licensed keycaps. The Drop + The Lord of the Rings Mordor Artisan Keycap features three entrancing exclusives inspired by Mordor's most menacing icons. Three for the Elven-kings under the sky, seven for the Dwarf-lords in halls of stone, nine for Mortal Men, doomed to die—and three for Drop, on our dark throne in the Land of Mordor, where the Shadows type.

These artisan keycaps are not just any ordinary keycaps. They are handcrafted by Dwarf Factory and made of resin with an SA R1 profile. They are compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones, making them perfect for any keyboard.

Adorn your keyboard with The Eye of Barad-dûr, Morgul Fellbeast, and Sauron The Dark Lord. Because we could all use a little more Mordor.


  • Handcrafted by Dwarf Factory
  • Material: Resin
  • Profile: SA R1
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones


Estimated ship date is Sep 15, 2023 PT. Payment will be collected at checkout. Cancellations are accepted up to 2 hours after checkout for in-stock items, or up until pre-order ships.

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