Recent leaks from Russia have revealed more information about NVIDIA's upcoming RTX 4060 Ti GPU family, which has not yet been officially confirmed. Marvel Distribution (RU) released details of four Palit custom design cards two days ago, confirming the standard RTX 4060 Ti GPU configuration of 8 GB VRAM (plus 128-bit memory bus). Today, hardware tipster momomo_us found more pre-launch time information from another Russian e-retailer ( The four Palit Dual and StormX custom cards from the previous leak are spotted again, but this new listing provides a few extra details.

Palit's four card offerings share the same basic specification of 18 GB/s GDDR6 memory, which points to a maximum theoretical bandwidth of up to 288 GB/s. This is derived from the GPU's confirmed 8 GB 128-bit memory interface. The standard Dual variant has a stock clock speed of 2310 MHz, while the StormX and StormX OC models are faster at 2535 MHz and 2670 MHz (respectively). The Dual OC is the group leader with 2685 MHz. The TPU database's (speculative) entry for the reference NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti GPU has the base clock listed as 2310 MHz, and the boost clock at 2535 MHz. Therefore, the leaked information likely shows only the boosted clock speeds for Palit's StormX, StormX OC, and Dual OC cards.