According to reports from Board Channels, AMD is set to reissue its old Zen+ (12 nm) technology to meet the demand for cheaper lower-end systems in China. An insider source claims that a new production order has been placed for Ryzen 3000G series APUs, with up to 30,000 units requested. These processors are expected to be sold as part of hardware bundles with low-end AM4-based motherboards, such as the B450 and A320 series, which are still popular budget choices in China. It is unclear whether AMD will be issuing completely new hardware or simply reproducing its 2019-era SKUs.

In 2019, AMD released two Ryzen 3000G models - the 3400G and 3200G, both of which are quad-core Picasso APUs. However, the latter lacks simultaneous multithreading. It is not yet known whether the super low budget AMD Athlon 3000G model will be included in the alleged 30,000 unit order. The 3000G series' onboard iGPUs, based on AMD's first generation Vega architecture, are likely to be preferred by budget-conscious buyers as a discrete graphics card is not essential for builds intended for an office setting or a simple home computer setup.