Newegg PC Building Contest Finals Held in Taipei

The Newegg PC Building Contest finals were held in Taipei on April 22nd. Unlike typical e-sports events or overclocking/benchmarking contests, this competition had a simple premise: build an operable PC using the parts of your choice within a time limit. The top 5 contestants from a pool of 50 made their way to Taipei for the final event, where they had just 1 hour to complete their builds.

While 1 hour may seem like a long time for experienced PC builders, this was no ordinary build. Contestants had to assemble a fully fledged high-end gaming desktop with certain mandatory components, although they could choose the make of the components themselves. The goal was to bring the desktop up to an operable state.

Most of the finalists chose Neo Forza as their DDR5 memory and SSD manufacturer of choice. Three out of five finalists chose Neo Forza Trinity DDR5-7200 memory, and all five chose Neo Forza NFP455 NVMe Gen 4 SSD. The winner completed their build in just 37 minutes, while the slowest of the five finished in just under an hour. Contestants described the build as "stressful" and never thought it could be so nerve-racking to put together a simple PC.

Meanwhile, Neo Forza celebrated its unexpected claim to fame as the memory vendor of choice among the finalists. The company commented, "We were humbly overwhelmed as the event, inadvertently, showed Neo Forza as a preferred choice by experienced pro-users for DRAM and SSD in PC builds suitable for gaming, content-creation, streaming and 3D rendering."