NVIDIA is set to release its RTX 4060 Ti GPU series later this month, but the company has not yet released any official information about the cards. Instead, leaks have provided the only sources of specification and configuration information. The expected launch price is $450, and the low-to-midrange RTX 4060 Ti is likely to feature NVIDIA's AD106 GPU, based on its Ada Lovelace graphics architecture. Previous leaks have suggested that this variant will come with 8 GB of VRAM and a 128-bit memory interface, but TPU hardware archivist T4C Fantasy believes that NVIDIA's board partners may offer larger pools of video memory.

A retailer in Russia has released catalog listings for four upcoming Palit-branded GeForce RTX 4060 Ti graphics card models, possibly in error. The board partner appears to be offering two sets of its Dual and StormX designs, in normal and overclocked variations, but all of these models share the standard VRAM allocation of 8 GB and 128-bit memory interface. Palit's Dual cooler design is currently available on its RTX 4070-based models, but the StormX cooling solution design has not been applied to any 40 series cards so far. The upcoming RTX 4060 Ti cards will debut a smaller StormX shroud, heatsink, and fan combination.