According to hardware tipster momomo_us, an upcoming AMD data center CPU called "Siena Dense" has received verification for SATA and PCI support from the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO). The verification was uploaded to SATA-IO's online database on April 6, 2021, under the heading "AMD EPYC 8004 Series Processors." The Siena family of enterprise-grade processors is expected to be an entry-level alternative to the EPYC Genoa-X range, which is set to launch later in 2023.

The EPYC Siena series will reportedly come with a new socket type called SP6 (LGA 4844), which is similar in size to the older Socket SP3. The upcoming large "Genoa-X" and "Bergamo" processors will sit in the already existing Socket SP5 (LGA 6096), which is already being used by the 2022 EPYC Genoa lineup. Although AMD has not made its SP6 socket official to the public, industry figures have been informed that it can run up to 64 "Zen 4" cores. This new standard has been designed with more power-efficient tasks in mind, targeting intelligent edge and telecommunication sectors. The smaller SP6 socket will host CPUs optimized for as low as 70 W operation, with hungrier variants accommodated up to 225 W. This single platform solution is said to offer 6-channel memory, 96 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes, 48 lanes for CXL V1.1+, and 8 PCIe Gen 3.0 lanes.