SilverStone Unveils Flagship Gaming PC Case: ALTA F2

SilverStone has announced the release of its flagship gaming PC case, the ALTA F2. The case boasts a unique internal layout that maximizes component cooling using stack-effect cooling. The motherboard tray is rotated 90° so that its I/O faces the top of the case. Airflow from three large 180 mm Air Penetrator 184i PRO fans with air-channeling surfaces direct air drawn from the bottom of the case onto almost all surfaces inside the case.

The graphics card can be oriented in three ways. The first sees it installed directly onto the motherboard, with its I/O facing the top. The second sees it rotated, with its I/O still facing the top, but its fan vents facing the side-panel. The third and most unique orientation sees the graphics card installed with its I/O pointing to the rear, but tilted sideways at an 11-degree angle.

The bottom chamber of the case is mostly empty and serves as an air source for the 180 mm intake fans. However, there are four 3.5-inch/2.5-inch mounts should you want a handful of drives located there. Three additional 2.5-inch drives can be mounted along spots on the motherboard tray, while four 3.5-inch drives can be mounted in a cage located in the front side. You get a total of 17 expansion slot possibilities—9 along the motherboard tray, 4 with a portion of it rotated, and 4 toward the rear.

Fan mounts on the SilverStone ALTA F2 include two 140/120 mm front intakes, four 120 mm or one 140 mm top exhausts, and three 180 mm bottom intakes. Radiator installation options include a 280 mm (or smaller) along the front-panel, a 480 mm or smaller long the top panel, and a 560 mm or smaller radiator along the bottom vents. In its conventional orientation, the case supports graphics cards up to 35.4 cm in length, but with the I/O oriented in the rear, you get a mammoth 60.4 cm room. The PSU bay supports up to 22 cm long power supplies. CPU coolers can be up to 20.5 cm tall. Measuring 261 mm (W) x 576 mm (H) x 658 mm (D), the ALTA F2 dry-weighs 21.14 kg.

The SilverStone ALTA F2 will be available in Asia starting next week, followed by North America in the middle of May, and Europe by the end of May. Depending on the region, the case is expected to be priced in the USD $900 to $1,000 range.