According to Intel's Q1-2023 Financial Results release, the company has announced that its next-generation Core processor, "Meteor Lake," is now ramping up for mass-production. The product launches are expected to take place in the second half of 2023. The "Meteor Lake" processor will be the first to use Intel's next-generation foundry node, the Intel 4. This node will be used for the Compute Tile of the processor, which is the piece of silicon that has the CPU cores. Intel 4 is expected to offer transistor-density and performance/Watt that is comparable to TSMC's N5-series and N4-series foundry nodes.

Intel also stated in the same release that the development of its future foundry nodes, Intel 3, Intel 20A, and Intel 18A, are on track. The "Meteor Lake" processor is expected to feature a CPU core configuration of 6P+16E in its top configuration. However, it will see a more limited release in the desktop segment, with the processor only coming in Core i3 and Core i5 brand extensions, not Core i7 or Core i9. These higher-end brand extensions will be taken up by "Arrow Lake," which has a higher P-core count.

"Meteor Lake" will be available in a variety of mobile segments, ranging from 7 W ultraportables to 45 W mainstream notebooks, and possibly even 55 W gaming notebooks.