v-color Technology Inc. Unveils Game-Changing 48 GB DDR5-8200 Manta XPrism RGB Extreme OC Memory

v-color Technology Inc., a leader in cutting-edge memory solutions, is proud to announce the release of the Manta XPrism RGB 48 GB (24 GB x2) DDR5-8200 CL38 Extreme OC Memory. This state-of-the-art memory module is designed to meet the evolving needs of gamers, overclockers, and enthusiasts who demand top-notch performance, reliability, and aesthetics.

The Manta XPrism RGB 48 GB DDR5-8200 CL38 Extreme OC Memory is crafted with the latest technological advancements, delivering unbeatable speed and efficiency. Featuring a 48 GB memory capacity and a staggering 8200 MHz frequency, this DDR5 memory module is poised to transform the performance of any high-end gaming or workstation system.

Unrivaled Performance

The Manta XPrism RGB boasts an impressive 8200 MHz frequency and a 48 GB (24 GB x2) capacity, elevating system performance for gaming, content creation, and multitasking, setting a new industry benchmark.

Advanced OC Smart Sorting System

v-color's patented (Patent No. TW: I708252, CN: ZL201921253975.X, KR: 10-2019-0179096) automated sorting system for DDR5 DRAM ICs ensures exceptional performance, stability, and overclocking potential. This two-stage memory overclocking testing method accelerates the testing process and is configurable to test up to the highest yield rates and quality. Developed by v-color, the Manta XPrism RGB benefits from this innovative sorting system.

Next-Generation Cooling Design

The Manta XPrism RGB incorporates a pioneering mirror-like silver copper heatspreader with a high thermal conductivity pad, delivering exceptional heat dissipation, ensuring peak stability during extreme overclocking sessions.

Dependability and Compatibility

The Manta XPRISM RGB is a reliable and compatible product that has undergone rigorous testing and validation to ensure maximum compatibility, specifically tested on the ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Apex motherboard and Intel Core i9-13900KF processor.

Benson Hsu, the head of R&D at v-color, stated, "The Manta XPrism RGB 48 GB 8200 MHz DDR5 Extreme OC Memory represents a milestone in our commitment to innovation and excellence. We are confident that this groundbreaking memory solution will redefine the standards of performance, reliability, and aesthetics for gamers, overclockers, and enthusiasts alike."

The Manta XPrism RGB 48 GB DDR5-8200 CL38 Kits will be available for purchase on v-color.net and through authorized retailers worldwide in early May 2023. For more information, please visit v-color's online shop.