AMD recently launched the highly-anticipated Ryzen 7000X3D-series CPUs, and GIGABYTE has responded by providing top-quality AM5 motherboards to maximize the performance of these gaming processors. GIGABYTE works closely with AMD to ensure that our motherboard designs adhere to AMD's guidelines and deliver supreme performance and reliability from all angles. To maintain our reputation for providing the most remarkable and solid platform, GIGABYTE has released a new beta BIOS in response to concerns about potential motherboard damage issues with Ryzen 7000X3D-series CPUs.

The latest beta BIOS offers a more secure range of SOC voltage settings to reduce the risk of CPU damage caused by over-voltage settings. Additionally, users can easily optimize the tuning process of CPU voltage settings through the GIGABYTE exclusive Performance Bung in the BIOS option. By using the AMD PBO2 option, users can obtain the optimal CPU voltage, which helps unleash the foremost performance of Ryzen 7000 X3D CPUs. The latest beta BIOS is now available for download on the GIGABYTE website to ensure optimal performance.