EK Expands EK-Quantum Surface Radiator Portfolio with Black Editions

Leading liquid cooling gear manufacturer EK is expanding its EK-Quantum Surface radiator portfolio with Black Editions. This series of radiators has already won multiple awards and garnered high praise from reputable review-based websites. The EK-Quantum Surface radiators are built with years of development and market research to provide the best possible product with mechanically rigid and top-performing finishes. These radiators are EK-Matrix7 compatible, which means users can create stunning and professional-looking builds in a much more user-friendly way.

Black Edition EK-Quantum Surface P Radiators

The new Black Edition EK-Quantum Surface P radiators come in two sizes - 240 mm and 360 mm. With a thickness of 44 mm, the EK-Quantum P Series Surface radiators are the absolute all-rounders for low noise and high performance across the entire fan operational range. Black Edition Surface radiators are equipped with two G1/4" threaded connection ports. The sixteen 2 mm-wide copper tubes across the entire radiator length assure optimal coolant flow, putting no stress on your cooling loop. High-grade non-louvered copper fins with 18 FPI density provide the best balance between thermal transfer and air resistance, enabling optimal performance even at low-speed fan operation. To maximize cooling performance, a Push/Pull setup can be utilized on any P Series EK-Quantum Surface radiator. All radiator parts are entirely black, including the frame, end caps, port adapters, fins, and even the screws.

Exceptional Build Quality and Advanced Liquid Cooling Capabilities

The EK Quantum Surface Black Edition features exceptional build quality, advanced liquid cooling capabilities, and a user-friendly installation process. With its top-of-the-line materials and precision engineering, this product will provide long-lasting performance and reliability even for the most demanding PC users. Plus, the sleek and minimalist appearance is perfect for those who want a high-performance liquid cooling solution without sacrificing style.

The blacked-out design allows the product to blend seamlessly into any PC build, making it the perfect addition for those who aim for clean and minimalist aesthetics. With its bold and stylish look, the Black Edition of the EK Quantum Surface is sure to turn heads and elevate any PC setup to the next level. Like all other Quantum Line products, EK's Surface radiators bring numerous performance improvements, including thermal performance, coolant flow restriction, and airflow restriction.

EK-Matrix7 Compatibility

All EK-Quantum Surface radiators are EK-Matrix7 compatible, which means they effortlessly integrate with Reflection², the second generation of Quantum distro plates. This enables the user to easily swap and upgrade between S, P, and X series Surface radiators within the same case (provided the case supports thicker radiators in the same position).

Availability and Pricing

Designed and engineered in Slovenia (Europe) and made in China, EK-Quantum Surface Black Edition radiators are readily available for order through the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) with VAT included is as follows:

Product MSRP (VAT included)
EK-Quantum Surface P240 Black Edition €119.90
EK-Quantum Surface P360 Black Edition €149.90