The ASUS ROG Ally, originally an April Fool's joke, has now become a serious product development and ASUS's answer to the Steam Deck. It is a handheld game console that is powered by the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, making it a lean-mean gaming machine. The Z1 Extreme was announced today and is a highly power-optimized version of the 4 nm "Phoenix" silicon. It packs an 8-core/16-thread CPU based on the "Zen 4" microarchitecture, along with its full-config iGPU based on the latest RDNA3 graphics architecture, with 12 CU (768 stream processors), and an LPDDR5 memory interface.

The Z1 Extreme on the ROG Ally is configured with a 1.70 GHz CPU clock-speed and a 2.10 GHz iGPU engine clock. Multiplayer Italy went hands-on with the ROG Ally and showcased a gameplay of "DOOM Eternal," where the ROG Ally pumps out 71 FPS, with an SoC power-draw of 25.7 W, and an SoC temperature of just 56°C. ASUS and AMD are expected to give the ROG Ally the full spectrum of software-level optimizations suitable for the device, such as dynamic resolution (Radeon Boost), which should hold frame-rates above 60 FPS at all times.